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Congratulations to my sweet friend Somer Boyle who has lost 12 pounds in our fitness/nutrition support group!!

You are INSPIRING! Way to go!! =D

Here’s her story:

1. I found out about Beachbody a while ago when P90x came out and have been hooked on the programs since then

2. I feel more confident, my pants are much looser and I am more toned and tighter. I felt more like a marshmallow before

3. I’m going to continue because summer is in 5 1/2 very short months!!! I want to look great in every outfit I put on!!!

Keep up the AMAZING work Somer! So happy to have you with us! =D


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Can you “like” this post to help me congratulate my good friend Jina Shin Anson? She lost *12 pounds* in 3 months in our fitness/nutrition support group!

Way to go Jina! You rocked it! smile emoticon

If you want nutrition that actually WORKS, daily accountability, workouts, motivation and encouragement, THIS is it.

This is what I LOVE about coaching is seeing the results of hard work paying off!

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Can you help me congratulate my good friend cover letter for internship computer science for her AMAZING work in our accountability group?

Transformations are not just about how many pounds or inches lost, but how eating well and exercising makes you HAPPIER, STRONGER, and HEALTHIER!

Here is her story:

1. How did you find out about Beachbody?

I first heard about Beachbody about 8 years ago. I was feeling healthy then and did P90X before my wedding. For the past 5 years, I have been dealing with Chronic Lyme Disease and I haven’t been exercising. Heather reintroduced me to Beachbody just over a month ago.

2. How do you feel NOW vs. when you started?

I feel stronger and healthier and more productive now then before I started. I feel like I am getting my life back.

3. Why are you going to continue your journey?

I am going to continue because I know I’ll keep getting stronger and healthier. Continuing will mean that I will have the energy to keep up with my kids and make it through my work days without being so exhausted. It would also feel great to have my clothes fit like they did 8 years ago.

I am SO proud of you Felicia! Way to go! 🙂

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I love learning.
That’s what attracted me to the field of medicine and to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.
That’s why I love learning all types of fitness.
That’s why I love coaching.
Before I became a coach, I didn’t love reading. I wanted to DO more and BE more and share my knowledge with others, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t really have any goals, I was just drifting through life, wondering what to do.
Since becoming a coach, I have experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth, learned to love reading, created my own business and brand, forced myself to get out of my comfort zone, shared my knowledge and PASSION with others, and I have continued to improve myself and push past failures and obstacles every day.
How have you grown as a person this year?

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I am so excited to introduce you to my high school friend aas dissertation talk!

She is one of my fellow Beachbody teammates with a team of her own coaches, as well as a member of my fitness/nutrition accountability group!

Not only does she CONSISTENTLY score super high on her workouts, nutrition and water intake, she is a PERFECT example of someone who is HARD WORKING and HUMBLE at the same time!

Lacey, THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful struggles and triumphs with us! You are SO inspiring!

This is her story:

“A year ago, as all new mothers do, I was trying to get a grip on life with a 2-month-old baby. I can’t imagine how working moms do it, because I was barely finding time to shower in the day, let alone think about working out. I knew I wanted to lose my baby weight, but exercise and eating right really took a back seat to everything else.

After 6 months, I started trying to eat healthier and get exercise in a few times a week, but I still wasn’t seeing much of a change in my weight. I gave up trying to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and gave in to buying new ones.

Fast forward a year. Same dress, whole new attitude! I’m so grateful for the 21 Day Fix program. I started this past June, which taught me that even though I was eating healthy things, I was eating too much of them. I can’t say enough good things about the way 21 Day Fix works to help you lose weight and create better habits for your life!”

If you have a PASSION for health & fitness and LOVE to help other people, please contact me at for more information about coaching or our next fitness/accountability group. 🙂

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Can you help me congratulate one of my BEST friends and one of my personally sponsored coaches college essay requirements for ut austin?

This is her INCREDIBLE transformation story! She lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks and transformed her life!

1. I found out about Team Beachbody from a friend at church who was trying PIYO about one year ago. I purchased the program and tried it out for about a month but I wasn’t super committed at that time. However, it did give me a good start on getting back into shape. I started running with a friend and working out at the YMCA regularly.

Then my old college classmate, Heather Colledge, let me know that she had become a Beachbody coach. I thought about it for a couple of months (we were busy moving to a new home) and then decided to GO FOR IT. So I joined her 21 Day Fix Challenge group for the month of November.

2. I feel SO GREAT now compared to how I felt a month ago. I was tired, grumpy, and constantly craving crappy food and caffeinated drinks to keep my energy up. It was a downward spiral. With the 21 Day Fix I made huge changes to my diet and exercised everyday.

I feel like I have RESET my body and spirit. I’m EXCITED to get up and work out in the morning because I have already seen GREAT results. I know that will continue as I keep up my healthy habits. So far, I have lost 8 pounds! I just started another challenge group for the month of December and will be starting to incorporate the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts into my routine.

3. I am COMMITTED to continuing my journey toward health because I want to set a BETTER EXAMPLE to my family, including my two sons. As a Registered Nurse, I also know how important it is to PRACTICE the health habits that I TEACH my patients. When we treat our bodies well, our bodies treat us well in return! I’m a busy person and I NEED to have a healthy body so I can keep up with my life!

THANKS Lorette! You are SUPER inspiring!

(GO BYU Nursing!!)

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Can you help me congratulate one of my best friends from high school and one of my personally sponsored coaches Kristy Gwynn Adams?

I want to share with you her AMAZING results!

Not only does she participate in MY support group, she is a coach and has a group of her own to help other women!
“I found team Beachbody about ten years ago, but didn’t do much about it. But about 6 months ago I connected with Heather Colledge and got the ball rolling with Shakeology and 21 day fix.
At this point, I feel GREAT since starting Beachbody and Shakeology! I feel like I have found fitness and nutrition I can stick with long term and am EXCITED to share that with others! I am where I was before I had my third baby! I am so grateful for my healthy body and for this fitness group!!

I am going to continue doing this because I don’t want to feel like I used too! I want to beat depression, I want to keep my ENERGY up, and I want to feel COMFORTABLE in my own skin! The alternative is no way to live! I want to SHARE with others because I know that there are plenty of people out there that feel like I used to and they want to change and I want to show them how and see them SUCCEED!”
I want to challenge YOU to invest in yourself and your health. If you are interested in joining one of our next fitness/support groups and/or becoming a coach on our team, please let Kristy or I know and we will contact you about your goals.