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And a HUGE SHOUT OUT to all the gorgeous ladies KICKING BUTT in our September Health Bet Challenge Fitness and Nutrition Support group!! 💪

I am SO PROUD of all you!!!! Even those of you who don’t post selfies! Lol! 😂

You ladies have been SO consistent, encouraging and supportive of each other and it sincerely makes my heart SO full to be a part of this incredible group of women!!!!

Love you girls SO MUCH!

Keep killing it!!!

Our next group starts next Monday the 26th! PM me, comment below or email me at to claim your spot! Space is limited! 😀


What’s holding you back?

What’s holding you back?

I know I was SO nervous to become a coach! I didn’t know if ANYONE would want my help.

But I knew if I wanted something I’ve never had, I had to do something I’ve never done!

Now 14 months later, I am SO grateful for the opportunity coaching has been in my life and how I have been able to help hundreds of people be happier, healthier and have more energy for their kids!
This is truly the BEST job EVER helping others live a healthy lifestyle!

I literally had NO idea everything that was in store for me when I enrolled as a coach! I had NO idea I would have the opportunities to travel to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Nashville, Vegas, St. George Utah, California and New Orleans.

I had NO idea the kind of family-like community I would be a part of and that I would create one of my very own!

I had NO idea the unbelievable amount of resources, support, encouragement, friendships and personal growth I would have!

As a nurse, I have cared for hundreds of people who have NOT lived a healthy lifestyle. I can tell you from experience the reward of helping others with preventative medicine is FAR greater than trying to “fix” years of unhealthy habits with costly medical intervention.



Can you help me congratulate this girl right here!?!?!

BreeAnn Harris Stanclift has been KILLING it in our fitness/nutrition support group and has lostcoach 9 pounds in 3 weeks!!!

She has done an AMAZING job sticking to her workouts and nutrition!! She is 100% committed and I’m so excited to see her progress in the next few months!

She thanked me for following up with her for a full year before she gave it a try. “This is exactly what I’ve needed. I’m learning so much and exchanging bad habits for good ones. I appreciate the encouragement and positivity from this group and I love knowing we are all in this together!”


Congratulations to the beautiful ladies who joined us in the month of August!

We are so excited to have you as a part of our team and amazing tribe!!

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”transformation

Never Stop Trying

“The only way to FAIL is to stop trying.”


MAD props to everyone starting out or starting over an exercise routine!! 💪

I used to go to the gym and it felt SO amazing!!! I was in the best shape of my life before this baby and it felt INCREDIBLE to push myself really hard.

It was FUN.

Now that I’m starting over I can barely do a push-up or a pull-up and it’s NOT fun.

But I keep a smile on my face and keep going because I KNOW it’s going to get easier. I KNOW if I don’t quit and I keep trying I’ll get better and it will be fun again.

NEVER stop trying. Never stop giving your BEST at everything you do!

Get Your Mind In Shape

💗When one of the girls I mentor sends me a message like this it makes my whole day! 💗

“Thank you for showing me how I can make this my everyday job and passion! I have loved how much personal development I have made just in the last two weeks! I am so excited thank you for giving me this opportunity to better myself!”mindinshape

Husband Transformation 21 Day Fix


jake hansen

LOOK ladies your husbands can join you!

Can you help me congratulate Jake Hansen for his INCREDIBLE transformation in my friend Candice Conner Goulding‘s accountability group?

“This was my 2nd round on 21 day fix extreme. I started at 207 lbs when this journey began. I have lost a total of 26 lbs. My first round I lost 14 lbs and was so stoked on my results, I immediately started another 21 days.

To be honest, I am more shocked with the results the 2nd time around. I lost an additional 12 lbs. Definitely keep pushing your selves. This program works. People at work now call me “skinny Jake.”

I found out about 21 day fix from my sister Haley Haley Hansen Goulding.

I feel clean! I used to feel full, bloated, and uncomfortable a lot. Those have all gone away.

I am going to continue to get back in really good shape so that when my kids want to go to the pool, play sports, etc. My weight won’t be an issue or concern for me.”

Way to go Jake!!! You did amazing!


Fitness/Nutrition Challenge Group



💥Ready for real results?

Summer is coming in 7 weeks! 🌞

Maybe this is you now:

✅You skip exercise
✅You go to the gym and make up your own workouts not knowing exactly what to do
✅You think you eat healthy or you have no idea what or how much to eat for a balanced diet
✅You are on your own
✅You lack support, encouragement and motivation

With me you get-

✔One on one coaching at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer
✔Exact workouts to follow
✔Super easy nutrition plan with hundreds of charts and meal plans
✔20+ women in the group supporting each other
✔Daily checkins for accountabilty
✔Dozens of healthy recipes
✔Prizes for motivation

The people in my groups lose up to 13 pounds in 3 weeks and continue to transform with their new healthy habits in our monthly groups.

Our next group starts March 21st. 👊

Are you in?


P.c. Corey Cluff

Client Weight Loss Success!

esther beforeesther after

Can you “like” this post to help me congratulate my sweet friend Esther?

She lost 7 pounds in January in our fitness/nutrition accountability group! She did this workout & nutrition plan & Shakeology while breastfeeding her newborn! Way to go Esther!!!

Here is her story:

“I found out about Beachbody from Heather Colledge when I saw pictures of her getting fit on facebook and asked how she was doing it. I tried the 21-day fix in November, then again in December. I would do really well for about two weeks and then get off track. I didn’t really lose any weight.

However, in January I recommitted myself. January 4th I weighed in at 140 lbs. February 4th I weigh in at 133 lbs.

I am breastfeeding and have altered the diet a little to include more healthy fats, but the weight is still coming off.

Since starting the 21-day fix, I have noticed that I have more consistent energy. I’m not always super energized, but I don’t have ups and downs the way I used to. I am also sleeping better (when my kids let me).

I’m going to keep doing the program because it helps me feel well and is helping me to reach a healthier weight. I also think the program’s emphasis on nutritious food is good for my breastfeeding baby!”

If you would like to join us in our next accountability group that starts next Monday or have questions about how to reach your health & fitness goals, please PM me or email me at I would love to offer you a free consultation.