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Just finished my week 3 day 1 Hammer & Chisel workout during the baby’s nap!

I’m LOVING the strength and power I’m getting back with this program!

I can’t wait for our brand new challenge group to start tomorrow! These girls are SERIOUS about putting in the work do I KNOW they are going to have INCREDIBLE results!

Now to fuel my body with my nutrient dense chocolate milkshake, shower and off to Trick or Treating! Happy Halloween! 🎃

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I already know the benefits of drinking Shakeology every day first hand.

I know it’s WAY healthier and has WAY more nutrients and superfoods for me and my baby while I’ve been pregnant and nursing than a protein shake or protein bar.

My husband’s blood pressure dropped because of it for the first time in years.

A common misconception is that it’s “just a protein shake”.

One of the girls on our team just shared this-

“Another resource that was a clincher for me was an independent review of the ingredients. I’m always skeptical of products unless there are independent reviews. I am hesitant to put anything into my body without abundant info. 😉This guy is skeptical and tries to avoid bias. He values empirical evidence and is aware of possible skews that are possible with research that is done. And at the end of the evaluation, he gives shakeology a thumbs up. IDK if anyone else is as skeptical as I am, but it was helpful for me.”

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💡A lot of people ask me what IS Shakeology?

I just wanted to share this from my sweet friend who has been on our team for almost a year! 💗💗

“On Tuesday evening I went to my new doctor who is working on helping me repair damage to my thyroid, adrenal glands, stomach and pancreas from Lyme disease.

Anyway, after reviewing my blood work he told me how surprised he was that I wasn’t deficient in several vitamins like he expected.

He asked me what supplements I am taking and I told him I take no supplements but I do drink Shakeology every day and I asked him if he had heard of it.

He said he had and that was definitely the reason that all of my nutrients were good. He told me that Shakeology is wonderful! I agree”cover letter for internship computer science

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The start date of our fitness / nutrition support group has been pushed to next Monday October 3rd due to high demand!

You get-

-Home workouts
-Month supply of one meal a day
-Healthy recipes
-Meal planning ideas
-TONS of support and encouragement
-Friendships in our amazing community
-ME as your personal coach

Message me or comment below ASAP if you want that spot!

Let’s doconclusion on cloning for a essay this!!!

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And a HUGE SHOUT OUT to all the gorgeous ladies KICKING BUTT in our September Health Bet Challenge Fitness and Nutrition Support group!! 💪

I am SO PROUD of all you!!!! Even those of you who don’t post selfies! Lol! 😂

You ladies have been SO consistent, encouraging and supportive of each other and it sincerely makes my heart SO full to be a part of this incredible group of women!!!!

Love you girls SO MUCH!

Keep killing it!!!

Our next group starts next Monday the 26th! PM me, comment below or email me at to claim your spot! Space is limited! 😀

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What’s holding you back?

I know I was SO nervous to become a coach! I didn’t know if ANYONE would want my help.

But I knew if I wanted something I’ve never had, I had to do something I’ve never done!

Now 14 months later, I am SO grateful for the opportunity coaching has been in my life and how I have been able to help hundreds of people be happier, healthier and have more energy for their kids!
This is truly the BEST job EVER helping others live a healthy lifestyle!

I literally had NO idea everything that was in store for me when I enrolled as a coach! I had NO idea I would have the opportunities to travel to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Nashville, Vegas, St. George Utah, California and New Orleans.

I had NO idea the kind of family-like community I would be a part of and that I would create one of my very own!

I had NO idea the unbelievable amount of resources, support, encouragement, friendships and personal growth I would have!

As a nurse, I have cared for hundreds of people who have NOT lived a healthy lifestyle. I can tell you from experience the reward of helping others with preventative medicine is FAR greater than trying to “fix” years of unhealthy habits with costly medical intervention.

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