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research paper title page guidelines Lilly has a heart of gold and is the life of the party on our team! SO much love for this lady!

steroid research paper introduction Here is her story!

can you remove negative items from your credit report Q: What is your favorite part about Beachbody programs?
A: The flexibility to workout at home any time I want without worrying about traffic, bad weather, busy gyms or specific hours for group classes.

research paper on production scheduling Q: What is your favorite part about coaching?
A: To inspire women/men of my age to be healthy and get back their groove. To receive messages from friends saying, because of you Lilly I am exercising again and taking care of myself

research paper security Q: What are you looking forward to in the future?
A: I can’t wait to grow my crew and start changing lives.A group of mature women/men where age won’t matter, only the purpose and determination of becoming the best version of ourselves and feeling forever young

how to quote in mla research paper Congratulations on all of your success Lilly! We absolutely love having you on our team!

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New you

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I’m looking for someone that is passionate about health and fitness, helping others, and building her dreams.
Someone that would LOVE to create her own schedule and business hours.
Someone that LOVES travel and DREAMS about a business where she can work from anywhere.
Someone that loves the idea of GIVING BACK and serving others on a daily basis.
Someone that believes that her story and struggles will help inspire others.
👉🏽She doesn’t need to have a business background. She doesn’t need to be in incredible shape. She doesn’t have to have a huge network…but She DOES have to have heart. ❤️ She does need to be coachable, passionate and hardworking. ❤️
There NO stocking product or delivering orders, no home parties, and you can work from your phone, anytime, anywhere and YOU get to decide when you get a day off.

9 months in vs. 8 months out!

9 months in vs. 8 months out!

The picture on the left was taken the day before I had my baby! It was my birthday and all I wanted was my favorite Kneaders strawberry cheesecake and some dumbbells for my home workouts. Lol!

I couldn’t believe how HUGE I was. I’ve never been THAT big in my entire life! But I knew it was temporary so I didn’t dwell on it.

Now my baby is 8 months, I am so grateful for my ability to exercise and for my strength that is coming back! I love self improvement and the ability that we all have to learn and grow and become better every day in all areas of life!



Someway, somehow our team just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER every month.

We seriously have the most AMAZING people EVER.

One of those people is this girl right here.

I’ve never met another person who loves kettlebells and fitness as much as me until I met Melissa. This girl is tough as nails and as sweet as can be at the same time.

She was our top coach for the month of October! If any of you have thought about joining her team or her fitness group, you will NOT be disappointed. Melissa knows her stuff!

Congrats Melissa!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Shake


As a nurse I used to wonder why can’t they make vegetables and healthy food taste good?

Well they have!

If we want to have more ENERGY and we want our lives to be HEALTHY and disease free then it’s crucial that we we examine why we eat the foods that we do and start valuing the HEALTH benefits and ENERGY consequences of the foods we eat as much or more than the taste.

I could eat 5 mini Reese’s Peanut butter cups or one serving of Shakeology for the same amount of calories


Shakeo has protein, superfoods, antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins and amino acids.