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Riviera Maya Trip next year!

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how to format research paper apa style This year in April we earned a free trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, but I have decided to stay home w ith my baby. After all, he’s only a baby for a few more months!

why do literature review for research paper Pretty bummed to miss out on a free trip, but we are seriously excited for next year! It will be the perfect getaway for Trent and I to go on together

gun rights research paper So thankful and I just can’t even wait for all the exciting things in store this year!

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care plan essay help December 2015 I posted a video on Facebook announcing that our team would be in the top 10% in 2016…

research paper stroke Well, we placed in the top 4% of the company out of over 400,000 teams!!!

research paper over dyslexia I am SO proud of these leaders and I absolutely LOVE this community we are a part of.

how do you create an outline for a research paper Congratulations ladies!!!!! I cannot wait to see our success in 2017!

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Emerald Coach

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statutory rape research paper outline Carrie-Lynne is an amazing friend, mom, and coach and we are SO honored to have her as a part of our team! Not only is she crazy consistent with her workouts, meal planning and coaching, she works full-time, and has 3 kids and a hubby!

writing a research paper apa style Congratulations and a job well done girl! I am SO excited to watch your team grow like fire this year!

New you

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I’m looking for someone that is passionate about health and fitness, helping others, and building her dreams.
Someone that would LOVE to create her own schedule and business hours.
Someone that LOVES travel and DREAMS about a business where she can work from anywhere.
Someone that loves the idea of GIVING BACK and serving others on a daily basis.
Someone that believes that her story and struggles will help inspire others.
👉🏽She doesn’t need to have a business background. She doesn’t need to be in incredible shape. She doesn’t have to have a huge network…but She DOES have to have heart. ❤️ She does need to be coachable, passionate and hardworking. ❤️
There NO stocking product or delivering orders, no home parties, and you can work from your phone, anytime, anywhere and YOU get to decide when you get a day off.

Emerald Coach

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research paper hinduism She is helping others get healthy and feel better and is an incredible leader and friend! Congratulations Felicia! Super proud of you!

observation research paper template She is hands-down my FAVORITE transformation story out of the hundred+ women I have helped in the last year and a half.

research paper for hotel and restaurant management Here is her story:

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I was VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to anything involving Beachbody. I did not want anything to do with it. I thought it was cheesy, ridiculous, stupid and it didn’t work.

So why did I become a coach?

Once I got over myself and got over thinking I was “too cool” to be a Beachbody coach I realized this is an opportunity for me to help WAY more people than as a nurse and fitness instructor and to provide financial freedom for my family.

My family means more to me than the opinions of others. Period. The end.

9 months in vs. 8 months out!

9 months in vs. 8 months out!

The picture on the left was taken the day before I had my baby! It was my birthday and all I wanted was my favorite Kneaders strawberry cheesecake and some dumbbells for my home workouts. Lol!

I couldn’t believe how HUGE I was. I’ve never been THAT big in my entire life! But I knew it was temporary so I didn’t dwell on it.

Now my baby is 8 months, I am so grateful for my ability to exercise and for my strength that is coming back! I love self improvement and the ability that we all have to learn and grow and become better every day in all areas of life!


On Call

This is the face I make when I hear I’m on call at the hospital so I can spend the next hour doing coaching work instead of taking a nap. Lol! 😂

So this week I asked one of my best friends to give me real honest feedback about my strengths and areas of improvement. I asked her not to sugar coat it, but I’m still trying to figure out the wording she used in the “areas of improvement” since she was being so nice about it. Lol! 😂

Passion * Consistency * Support

Those are my strengths. My weakness is I need to be more ME.

So here’s a picture and a story about ME.

P.s. I love ponytails and pajamas.

Happy Sunday!


In 6 months from now

t’s 6 months from now… I can’t believe this is the life I am living!

I have helped over 50 women get started on their health and fitness journey and continue to support and mentor hundreds more with their health and business ventures.

My clients have found happiness, a community of likeminded women to support and encourage them along the way, and they feel unstoppable! They are turning their passion into their income and becoming leaders for their own teams.

Personally my life is exciting and fulfilling! I am making new friends, going to seminars in Las Vegas and New Orleans, and planning a retreat for my team of amazing women. I am well on my way to 6 figures, I am 100% debt free, cars paid off, student loans paid off, and $20k+ saved!

Life is better than good, it is AMAZING!

These last 6 months have been about massive growth and going for it!

I challenge you to post yours! What does your business and life look like in 6 months from now?


p.c. Corey Cluff

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