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Are you looking for more passion and purpose in your life? Have you considered becoming a health coach? Imagine being apart of an incredible sisterhood of women who uplift and empower you, while you become your own boss and build a business from home.

Are you a health and fitness professional looking to expand your clientele and business? If so, then I would LOVE to share more with you about becoming a Health Coach on our ELITE Fitness team?

” I love being able to work out from home! Before I was introduced to the programs, I would run almost daily. I had never done any kind of weight lifting or any other kind of exercise, to be honest. My first program was 21 Day Fix and I LOVED it. That was almost a year and a half ago now! 

Heather has been awesome. She provides meal prep ideas, helps you identify what goals are most important to you, and helps you take steps to overcome the barriers to meet your goals! She set up a four-week challenge right after Christmas this last year and I took it. I did one week of A Little Obsessed, then 3 weeks of 80 Day Obsession. I was so motivated to win the challenge (I am very competitive). I am so proud of the results I got. Overall, however, it’s not just the physical results I have seen—it’s been a total mental shift as well. I am more confident, I have been able to effectively deal with anxiety and the ups and downs of life, and I love the support I have gotten from Heather and our tribe of women. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health.” 

“I have loved having Heather as my coach. She has us check in daily, and she is always so encouraging and thoughtful in her replies, giving me that added push to continue through my workout programs.

I have loved having these programs available for streaming so that I can take them wherever I go. I am always on the move for school and work, and having the ability to have my workouts on my phone or tablet wherever I go is a lifesaver. And I LOVE that during the cold winter months, I don’t have to drag my butt out of bed in the wee morning hours in the cold to go to the gym. I can do my workouts in the comfort of my front room. Or my friend’s front room. Or a hotel. It’s so convenient which is perfect for a busy working/grad-schooling mom like me.

I also love that I have a built-in sisterhood – girls that have my back for support and encouragement. We all need a tribe – and this one is inspiring, motivating, and caring. I’m so grateful to have a chance to be a part of it all.” 

“I truly love the sisterhood of women I have met while on this journey. It is truly amazing what we do as coaches. It brings so much joy and fulfillment helping and watching other women find their confidence and passion during their health and fitness journey. As well as provide financial freedom if that is the path they choose to take. I get to witness all of this while continuing on my own journey, all in the comfort of my own home with my family by my side.

Our Beachbody programs have so very much to offer to everyday people. From all different levels. Through Beachbody, we have the fitness programs that they teach in gyms that are in fact doable right from home. As well as nutrition programs that you could pay a lot of money for! They even come packaged together as one “steal of a deal.” You can begin your fitness journey get amazing results and feel better than you’ve ever felt before. Then have the possibility to share the experience and journey with others.” 

Hi, I’m Heather! I’m a mom of 2 boys in Utah, a Registered Nurse, certified trainer & online success coach! It is my mission to EMPOWER & strengthen women to take care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally from the INSIDE out through health, fitness, and community. I want women to be healthy, bold, & confident in who they are. And to live their BEST lives full of happiness, purpose, passion & joy!

I run monthly online accountability groups with a FUN environment to help women stay motivated and committed to their workouts and nutrition.

I also have a team of ROCKSTAR coaches who are passionate about helping women be healthier & happier & ending the trend of obesity! I’m looking for more women who LOVE fitness & nutrition and helping others to be part of our team and to live your passion for health as a career you can do from home!

I can’t wait to have you as a part of our sisterhood of #strongwomen!


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