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New you

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I’m looking for someone that is passionate about health and fitness, helping others, and building her dreams.
Someone that would LOVE to create her own schedule and business hours.
Someone that LOVES travel and DREAMS about a business where she can work from anywhere.
Someone that loves the idea of GIVING BACK and serving others on a daily basis.
Someone that believes that her story and struggles will help inspire others.
👉🏽She doesn’t need to have a business background. She doesn’t need to be in incredible shape. She doesn’t have to have a huge network…but She DOES have to have heart. ❤️ She does need to be coachable, passionate and hardworking. ❤️
There NO stocking product or delivering orders, no home parties, and you can work from your phone, anytime, anywhere and YOU get to decide when you get a day off.

Emerald Coach

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research paper chef She is helping others get healthy and feel better and is an incredible leader and friend! Congratulations Felicia! Super proud of you!

research paper for computer science students She is hands-down my FAVORITE transformation story out of the hundred+ women I have helped in the last year and a half.

example thesis statement career research paper Here is her story:

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ideas for sociology research paper topics My strength is slowly coming back! Yay!

example intro paragraph for research paper Feeling super grateful today to be surrounded by my siblings and their kids at my parents house in Idaho. We are going sledding later and having a yummy homemade dinner later by my mom! The best!

example of a research paper purdue owl I was so excited to announce the OnDemand All Access Pass to my team yesterday and I am super pumped for our New Years Resolutions group that starts on the 1st!

best professional resume writing services denver If you want accountability and motivation with your fitness and nutrition and you want to lose weight, feel better, have more energy and tone up, this group is perfect for you!

research paper dracula bram stoker And if you are passionate about helping others with their health and fitness, our new coach training group starts on the 2nd! I will teach you everything you need to know for success! Coaching has absolutely been a tremendous blessing in my life and I love teaching others how to do what I’ve done!

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💪🏻access to online accountability groups with others with the same goals

💪🏻participate in the January Health Bet where you earn part of the $2MILLION+ just for participating

💪🏻and one on one personal coaching .

For SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than the cost of a yearly gym pass or personal trainer…

Would you be interested??



Can you like this post to help me congratulate my friend Carrie-Lynne Alexander-Quan?

I am so proud of her commitment and work ethic in my fitness/nutrition support group and for being an incredible leader and coach for her own team! She is one of our top coaches on team ELITE Fitness!

My nickname for her is #supermom because she has a full time job, 3 kids and still makes time to exercise, meal prep, AND help others do the same!

This is her story:

“My favorite part about these programs are how easy they are to follow to be 100% committed and not get bored of the journey as well the support and motivation is always there.

Favorite part about Shakeology is the energy and recovery it supplies me everyday after my workouts as well my hair and nails have never looked so good lol.

Favorite part about coaching is the inspiration and support I have been able to provide and the new friendships I’ve made along the way … I look forward to having financial freedom doing things I love.”

Congratulations Carrie-Lynne on all of your success!


Onward and Upward

Love this sweet little smile! 💗💗

He is my little helper today at the computer!

I never thought I could do something I love from home!

We are taught from when we are little that we should go to college (which I did twice) and get a 9-5 job (which I hated) where we work for someone else!

I never thought a life like this was a possibility for me and now that I know how much I love it, I will always be an online entrepreneur!

I LOVE being my own boss, setting my own hours, working in my pajamas, get rewarded for my extra effort, give myself raises according to the time I put in, creating my material and value, being able to have friendships with women all over the country and Canada.

I LOVE that I have been able to create my own “thing” that I am passionate about and I am able to help, support and encourage so many women every day.

THIS is the life for me. And I am SO excited about the future!

Onward and upward! 👆👌💖



So funny how something you once thought was ridiculous is now something you are super passionate about!

I was VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to anything involving Beachbody. I did not want anything to do with it. I thought it was cheesy, ridiculous, stupid and it didn’t work.

So why did I become a coach?

Once I got over myself and got over thinking I was “too cool” to be a Beachbody coach I realized this is an opportunity for me to help WAY more people than as a nurse and fitness instructor and to provide financial freedom for my family.

My family means more to me than the opinions of others. Period. The end.


Ok ladies —- taking a poll:

For 30 days —- Who would be willing to exercise 3x a week, drink Shakeology 5x a week, eat healthy-ish, and check into a group for support & accountabillty in January if you could GET PAID for it? 🙋🏼