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Just finished my week 3 day 1 Hammer & Chisel workout during the baby’s nap!

I’m LOVING the strength and power I’m getting back with this program!

I can’t wait for our brand new challenge group to start tomorrow! These girls are SERIOUS about putting in the work do I KNOW they are going to have INCREDIBLE results!

Now to fuel my body with my nutrient dense chocolate milkshake, shower and off to Trick or Treating! Happy Halloween! 🎃

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I already know the benefits of drinking Shakeology every day first hand.

I know it’s WAY healthier and has WAY more nutrients and superfoods for me and my baby while I’ve been pregnant and nursing than a protein shake or protein bar.

My husband’s blood pressure dropped because of it for the first time in years.

A common misconception is that it’s “just a protein shake”.

One of the girls on our team just shared this-

“Another resource that was a clincher for me was an independent review of the ingredients. I’m always skeptical of products unless there are independent reviews. I am hesitant to put anything into my body without abundant info. 😉This guy is skeptical and tries to avoid bias. He values empirical evidence and is aware of possible skews that are possible with research that is done. And at the end of the evaluation, he gives shakeology a thumbs up. IDK if anyone else is as skeptical as I am, but it was helpful for me.”

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I’ve got a long way to go to get back to where I was, but at least I’m making progress!

I don’t believe in the scale and I don’t own one. I just do what I can with my exercise and nutrition and don’down syndrome dissertationt stress about it.

I love to find JOY in exercise and eating, so I don’t restrict myself with dieting and I don’t have much time to exercise with a new baby. Plus I am still nursing, so I am not restricting any calories.

It is SO much better to be on this journey with the girls in my support group, knowing that we are all in it together and we are not perfect! We are just moms trying to do our best and be as healthy as we can while still enjoying our food!

I’m SO excited for our new fitness/nutrition and new coach training groups that start next Tuesday! We have 5 new ladies joining us this week and I KNOW they are going to LOVE it!!!

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I’m learning about the power of visualization!

The more vividly you see what you want and the more intensely you allow yourself to experience NOW the feeling you will feel once you’ve achieved your goal, the more you make the possibility of achieving it feel real.

Every time I’m in my kitchen I see white cabinets and granite counters with stainless steel appliances.

It’s on my dream board for 2016 and it’s about to go down!com custom essay writing

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dissertation comparative exempleA community of girlfriends who encourage and support each other every single day!

These are some of fellow coaches on our team who have become some of my closest friends!

I also have a lot of online friends who do different fitness groups for free on Facebook and Instagram.

What they don’t understand is that if they took that same level of dedication and advertising they do for FREE for that company and applied it to the opportunity I have presented to them, they would be able to provide for their family financially and be part of something AMAZING!

So what holds them back?

Is it fear?

Is it disbelief in oneself?


All I know is in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

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My heart is so happy! 💗

I have had the opportunity to speak to three of the most amazing women this week who are all getting started as coaches on my team. It’s so exciting for me cuz I remember exactly how it felt to be a new coach!

I was so nervous but I also felt SO EXCITED about the future!

I just knew it was my chance!

I was bored and frustrated with how things were going. I was ready to DO something about it.

Becoming a coach and taking ACTION was empowering!

I started running with my business with big goals but I also knew I wasn’t going to earn thousands of dollars right away. I knew I was an introvert starting with 200 friends on Facebook.

But I also knew the next year would pass anyways. So I might as well do SOMETHING to make a change and build a better future.

So many people, including myself, wish they had started Beachbody sooner when they first heard about it!

The choice is ours!

I LOVE when new coaches make the decision to START and take ACTION! I just get so excited for them!

If you’ve ever wondered what it is I do as a coach or to see if it would be a good fit for you, I will be going LIVE with “What is Coaching” tomorrow at 2pm mountain.

Please click the link in the comments below to be added to the free group where I will be speaking about how AWESOME coaching is and what we do as coaches!

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art critical studies essaySome of my friends have been asking if I’m still working as a nurse or just doing coaching now.

I absolutely LOVE my manager and where I work so I have no plans to leave and I have the amazing flexibility to work very part time, which I am so grateful for with my baby at home. 🙂

I LOVE that I can help others with their health and fitness from home and help my family financially at the same time as an online coach. It is SO rewarding and I love having goals to work on every day!

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