What’s holding you back?

I know I was SO nervous to become a coach! I didn’t know if ANYONE would want my help.

But I knew if I wanted something I’ve never had, I had to do something I’ve never done!

Now 14 months later, I am SO grateful for the opportunity coaching has been in my life and how I have been able to help hundreds of people be happier, healthier and have more energy for their kids!
This is truly the BEST job EVER helping others live a healthy lifestyle!

I literally had NO idea everything that was in store for me when I enrolled as a coach! I had NO idea I would have the opportunities to travel to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Nashville, Vegas, St. George Utah, California and New Orleans.

I had NO idea the kind of family-like community I would be a part of and that I would create one of my very own!

I had NO idea the unbelievable amount of resources, support, encouragement, friendships and personal growth I would have!

As a nurse, I have cared for hundreds of people who have NOT lived a healthy lifestyle. I can tell you from experience the reward of helping others with preventative medicine is FAR greater than trying to “fix” years of unhealthy habits with costly medical intervention.