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creative copywriting portfolio

a essay on environmental pollutionSurvived my night shift last night! 😂

A lot of people have asked me why I became an ICU nurse. Honestly, I’ve always liked a challenge. Whether it’s my workouts, career, or with coaching, I like to be pushed outside of my comfort zone.

My parents taught me to ALWAYS do my best at everything. I have always had that mindset throughout my life and continue to want MORE for my life.

I LOVE working hard on the things I am passionate about and I have a “no excuses” attitude.

I have a vision for my future of freedom, fun and opportunity. The cool thing is my team is FULL of women just like me.

We are DETERMINED to take MASSIVE action to create a life we love. We workout when we don’t feel like it, we eat healthy and teach our kids to do the same, we invite others to be a part of our amazing community and we don’t stop even when people tell us no.

This goes out to the INCREDIBLE women in our tribe. You know who you are! 😉 😙 Love you ladies!!!! 💗💗💗

courage and bravery essay

SO grateful for these amazing women in my life!

I was a dancer for 18 years and I’ve been a nurse for 7. I’m SUPER passionate about health and fitness so that’s why I started coaching.

Little did I know, 1 year later my favorite part about coaching would be the FRIENDSHIPS I’ve made!ambrose bierce biography essay




Left to right:

a couple should live together before marriage essay was a professional dancer in LA with 3 jobs trying to meet ends meet. She’s been a full time coach for over a year now which allowed her to quit those jobs and finally get ahead! She has a free spirit and has incredible work ethic!

dissertation supervisor email went through bankruptcy and lost their home. She lost 30 pounds with Shakeology and is now in the millionaires club after 4 years of coaching. She is a powerful speaker and a great friend to everyone.

clinical decision support system case study has a dream of living in a home in San Diego with her husband being a stay at home dad with their 4 future kids. She is a certified Insanity instructor and a hula dancer in Hawaii! She just got back from a mo th long honeymoon in Europe! She is the cutest, sweetest thing ever!


Of course, Beachbody doesn’t guarantee any level of success or income from the coaching opportunity. Each Coaches income depends on his or her own efforts and skills! =D 💪

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These houses we are staying in for our coaching retreat are SO beautiful!

I can’t wait to have a vacation home just like this for my family in the future. And the best part of the whole thing is the friendships and the awesome conversation.

We have TVs in every room and not one has been turned on the whole time except to follow the Country Heat workout. These are my kind of people! 💗

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SOOOO EXCITED to announce this gorgeous lady as our newest Emerald Coach!!!

Lilly Pa is PASSIONATE about health and fitness and taking care of our bodies as we age!

She is PROOF that age is just a number and that you can be fit and fabulous after 40, even as a busy mama and attorney!

I am JUMPING for joy right now to have you on this journey with us! You are an incredible leader to your team!!dissertation comparative exemple

Congratulations my beautiful friend! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and your amazing team!

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Who wants to win FREE PROTEIN POWDER????

This stuff is AMAAAAAAZZING and tastes like chocolate milk!

How to enter:conclusion on cloning for a essay

1. LIKE Heather Colledge- ELITE Fitness
appraisal of evidence essay

2. Tag 2 friends who LOVE to workout in the comments below!!!

WINNER will be announced on Monday 8/15!!!

The most effective way to improve your recovery after working out is getting the proper proteins and phytonutrients to your muscles within 30 minutes!

Recover has 20 grams of high quality protein and BCAAs to repair your muscles postworkout! It is also rigorously tested by the NSF International for quality and is certified for Sports Performance competitions.

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Look at this gorgeous scenery!

I LOVE being so close to the mountains as I come in and out of work at the ICU!

Today I had education as a right essaya conversation with a woman who has been a nurse for almost 40 years! She told me how she is getting close to retirement but that she is sad because she feels like she has nothing to show for it.

She told me how other women her age have written books or are well-known for their homemaking skills or cooking skills but she has been a full-time nurse for so long she has not been recognized or praised for her work.

And it made me so sad.

Here is a woman who has spent the majority of her life serving others, caring for others and she feels like she hasn’t received any reward or praise for it. What a shame!

And it got me thinking about my life and my seven years as a nurse. I too have not received recognition or praise as a nurse other than a couple of thank you cards from managers and families.

And yes, helping others as a nurse IS rewarding in the moment, although there have been moments of extreme highs and lows as an ICU nurse in dealing with critical life and death situations.

And then I realized that in my one year of being an online fitness and business coach I have received more recognition, reward, and praise then I ever have in my seven years of nursing.

It makes me sad that typical jobs don’t reward people for their hard work. The more effort I put into my coaching the more reward I get in return. And I didn’t go to school for 4+ years to be a coach.

What’s wrong with this picture?