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Success Club Tips

I am HONORED to have been asked to present on our team call tonight about Success Club.

You see, I chose Beachbody because I am PASSIONATE about health and fitness, personal development, learning, and being a leader.

As coaches, we don’t just offer workout and nutrition programs, we CHANGE LIVES.

My story:

I became a coach on the last day of May 2015. The first program I fell in love with was Turbofire in 2012. My favorite program now is Hammer & Chisel. I became a Diamond coach in 90 days.

What I love most about being a coach is giving SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT to other women. I also love LEARNING and growing every day as a leader.

My biggest life change since becoming a coach is I have gained an INCREDIBLE support system and community and I am mentally STRONGER than ever before because of the lessons I have learned.teamcallthursday

No Dream is Too High!


“Whatever path your life takes, find time and a way to give something back; give time, give talent, or treasure to help your community, or someone else achieve his or her goal. Look beyond the mirror where you see only yourself, and see a world with millions of people whose lives you might impact positively, or more important, find one person in whose life you can help make a positive difference. Reaching out and helping another person will bring you more satisfaction than anything you have ever done.” -exerpt from “No Dream is Too High” by Buzz Aldrin



Even on vacation!

My wod:

One arm swings
Turkish get ups

3 rounds 30 seconds on 20 seconds off, do each exercise twice before moving to the next

Double unders
Goblet squats
Jumping lunges
Renegade rows with kettlebells
Thrusters with kettlebells

Rest or run for 2 minutes between each round