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As I talk to other moms about my upcoming Coach mentorship, it breaks my heart when I hear from other moms who:

are financially struggling who cry when they have to go to work,

would do ANYTHING to be able to help their family with the bills,

work overtime shifts at the hospital,

work 2+ jobs because they are single,

work away from their babies,

can’t afford vacations or extracurricular activities for their kids.

And then they tell me NO or IGNORE me when I offer a solution.

Wait. What?

I thought they were willing to do ANYTHING to help their children?

I used to be scared to be a coach too until I realized it’s the small little things each day that compound over the time into SUCCESS.

This opportunity has allowed me to help with our family bills, work less nursing shifts at the hospital, go on a free vacation to the Dominican Republic and be with my family MORE since I started.

Before I started coaching there was NO way for me to help my family financially without working more outside the home.

Here’s the thing. Failure is NOT the opposite of SUCCESS, it is ESSENTIAL to success.


Yes it’s hard to take a leap of faith and do something new. .but what’s harder is being STUCK with something that’s never going to change.

Sometimes what you want most is exactly what you’re stopping YOURSELF from.

Required by the legal department:
Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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My baby’s favorite meal of the day!

This kid goes bonkers when I drink this!

It’s packed with fruits, veggies, vitamins, superfoods, antioxidants, probiotics and protein, why WOULDN’T I give my baby these nutrients?

Plus it’s the FASTEST meal of the day which I love because I’m DONE cooking and preparing meals!

Do you have a husband or kids who refuse to eat veggies and forget to take their vitamins? 🙋

Plus, I hear all the time “I’m too busy to workout and too busy to meal prep.”

Okay! Replace one of your meals with this every day and you will STILL lose weight!

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Can you “like” this post to help me congratulate my good friendcom custom essay writingt? She has been doing AMAZING in our accountability group!

Here is what she shared with us:

“Happy with my results and happy that this is sustainable. I don’t even mind waking up early before work to get it in. I like my Shakeology. I feel so much stronger and empowered. When you stop being a “victim” of your health choices and instead take responsibility for them, you become empowered and can reach your goals.”

YES! Way to go girl! You are so inspiring!

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Why do you workout?

I am struggling! I have to modify everything now that I’m 37 weeks pregnant.

But I KNOW I will be in a better mood and feel better the rest of the day if I workout.

And I KNOW after taking care of hundreds of patients in the ICU how blessed I am to have a healthy body.

I workout because I CAN.

When I get tired, or I am short on time, or I want to quit…I think about how lucky I am to be healthy enough to workout.

Be grateful for your health and your ability to become STRONGER. Don’t ever take it for granted!

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💡I’ve been learning about the Pygmalion Effect.


When we BELIEVE we can do more and achieve more (or when others believe it for us), that is often the reason we do achieve more.

You see, the feeling of fulfillment comes from doing something for another. From the exertion of time and energy for someone else.

Think back to high school of that one teacher who took you under their wing and looked after you and cared for you and helped you realize you were capable of more than you thought you were.

You are part of you who are today because of that person.

Tell me their name.

Now tell me your other teachers names.

THAT is the power of someone who gives us confidence. We will carry their names around with us for the rest of our lives.

THAT is the power of helping others realize their strengths.

THAT is why I love being a coach.

Wouldn’t YOU want to be that person?