I was blown away by the response of people wanting to join in on my Clean Eating Challenge!  I am super excited to get started tomorrow.  Honestly, this is the most planning I have done in a long time meal wise.  I looked thru the various meal plans, recipes and snack ideas our group is choosing from and came up with meals that fit my own family’s tastes and needs.  I have my meal plan for clean eating challenge all planned out, on paper and ready to SHARE with our group!  I am really looking forward to several of meals.

I believe that SHARING my meal plan and sharing the fact that I am doing this challenge in the first place is part of why I WILL succeed in this challenge.  Its all about accountability!  Putting it out there that I am on this journey and showing social media land and my accountability group what meals I am supposed to be eating will really help me stay on track!

So without further adieu, here is my meal plan for the week!!


Heathers meal plan

I think I will be do pretty good staying on track with these meals. Where I struggle alot is getting my water in!! SO I am going to need some extra support on that and I included it as my goal for the week!

So if you are part of our clean eating challenge, I would love for YOU to share your meal plan for the week as well! SHARE your meal plan for clean eating challenge so I can help hold you accountable and possibly get some ideas for future meal plans!

Looking forward to GREAT week!!!

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