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Do you have friends who hate going to the gym?

I do!

So instead of pointing my fingers at them, I wanted to help them.

So I became a coach and invited them to join my accountability group with home workouts and nutrition.

And can I tell you how COOL it feels to help my friends be HEALTHY and HAPPY?

How did it make you feel the last time you gave a friend a gift?

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I love learning.
That’s what attracted me to the field of medicine and to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.
That’s why I love learning all types of fitness.
That’s why I love coaching.
Before I became a coach, I didn’t love reading. I wanted to DO more and BE more and share my knowledge with others, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t really have any goals, I was just drifting through life, wondering what to do.
Since becoming a coach, I have experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth, learned to love reading, created my own business and brand, forced myself to get out of my comfort zone, shared my knowledge and PASSION with others, and I have continued to improve myself and push past failures and obstacles every day.
How have you grown as a person this year?

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It’s coming…
Get a spot before they’re GONE
What are your New Year’s Resolutions??

Apply here:

Pic credit: Corey Cluff

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I learned this last night so I wanted to share with you! Happiness is something I strive for daily and is not easy for me. I tend to have a “realistic” attitude and I have to work at it!

5 tips for happiness:

  1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for each morning- something new each day!
  2. Journal for 2 m inutes a day about one positive experience you’ve had in the last day- Write down every detail, which helps your brain to reexperience the experience
  3. Meditate daily- sit still for 2 minutes to train your brain not to be distracted by negativity
  4. Do a random act of kindness over the course of each day- write a text or email to someone thanking them
  5. Exercise for at least 15 minutes a day- exercise is proven to have a stronger, more powerful effect than an antidepressant

If you do these things every day for 21 days, they will become a happy habit!

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I am so excited to introduce you to my high school friend cheap thesis binding!

She is one of my fellow Beachbody teammates with a team of her own coaches, as well as a member of my fitness/nutrition accountability group!

Not only does she CONSISTENTLY score super high on her workouts, nutrition and water intake, she is a PERFECT example of someone who is HARD WORKING and HUMBLE at the same time!

Lacey, THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful struggles and triumphs with us! You are SO inspiring!

This is her story:

“A year ago, as all new mothers do, I was trying to get a grip on life with a 2-month-old baby. I can’t imagine how working moms do it, because I was barely finding time to shower in the day, let alone think about working out. I knew I wanted to lose my baby weight, but exercise and eating right really took a back seat to everything else.

After 6 months, I started trying to eat healthier and get exercise in a few times a week, but I still wasn’t seeing much of a change in my weight. I gave up trying to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and gave in to buying new ones.

Fast forward a year. Same dress, whole new attitude! I’m so grateful for the 21 Day Fix program. I started this past June, which taught me that even though I was eating healthy things, I was eating too much of them. I can’t say enough good things about the way 21 Day Fix works to help you lose weight and create better habits for your life!”

If you have a PASSION for health & fitness and LOVE to help other people, please contact me at for more information about coaching or our next fitness/accountability group. 🙂

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d&d arcane thesis feat  has built a strong solid business with an incredible income, more than doubling what they were living on prior to Beachbody.

I’ll never forget when Mindy got pregnant with her fourth baby. It was a surprise, and another surprise to find out her precious little boy had spinal bifida. When she was out in bed rest I know it was extremely hard for Mindy and her family with three young kids at home. Life isn’t always easy ya know? Luckily this business continued to pay even though Mindy took some time off. But you know what I admire about Mindy? Mindy gave up a streak at that point of hitting success club every single month. But she didn’t just say “well screw than, I’m no longer a success club all star, so doesn’t matter if I make that a non negotiable moving forward.”

Mindy has owned her story, her journey, and pressed on.

Today she is officially a Success Club 5 All Star. Signifying 12 consecutive months in success club.

Her story proves you can make this business work for you. If you miss benchmark goals you don’t throw in the towel- you pick yourself up and keep moving forward! And you’ll be STRONGER for it, just like Mindy is.

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college essay requirements for ut austin knows how to make everyone she meets feel like a million bucks.

Kacia lives in New York City with her boyfriend Seena and she started coaching two years ago. She started off just wanting a discount on Shakeology. Then it progressed to wanting to run her own challenge groups. But the whole time this young corporate girl kept telling me “I love my corporate job, I just want to do Beachbody on the side.”

Famous last words! Ha! Fast forward a year and Kacia is leaving a corporate job at Google to be a full time Beachbody coach. Who can resist being your own argumentative essay on population control, even if your employer is Google?!

This girl has built an AMAZING amazing team who is for the most part is just like her. Young girls who have graduated from college, in committed relationships, working corporate jobs. Kind of cool to see the Fit Foundation entourage showing people around the United States and Canada that you can be your own boss! You don’t have to dread Monday!

Kacia has lead her team well. And today she is an official Success Club 10 All Star Legend. That means she has set the standard of hitting Success Club 10 every single month in her business. She helps at LEAST five people get started every single month in an online fitness challenge group or coach training group. And she has done that for 24 consecutive months to achieve this status!!

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Throwback from the Top Diamond Coach retreat in the Dominican Republic.

Deciding to become a coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I did it to help others & to work my passion, not for money (but the money is a nice perk).

You may not think it’s for you and that’s cool, but you may also have some misconceptions about what it is and what it entails.

If you want info, send me a PM.