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Why did I Become a Coach?


SUCCESS comes when you get out of your COMFORT zone.

As many of you know, I am a private person. I don’t like to talk about myself and I don’t like attention.

I avoided people because I was afraid of what they would think of me. It was safer for me to be quiet.

But there was something inside of me that I was dying to get out. I wanted to SHARE what I love. I wanted to feel a sense of PURPOSE.

I studied my options for months. I finally took the plunge and became an online health and fitness coach.

Something I was so nervous about has turned into one of the greatest BLESSINGS in my life. I feel a sense of PURPOSE, I am learning how to not be afraid of people, I have been able to talk to and RECONNECT with old friends, I have been able to HELP my friends be HAPPIER and HEALTHIER, I have a reason to read uplifting books…

I have a reason to SHARE what I love with the world.

All because I stretched myself past my limits.

4 Steps of Meal Prep

1. Plan

Make a menu of the foods you will eat in the week.
Make a grocery list of all the items you will need

Top Recipe sites:

101 recipes to use with the 21 day fix containers!


2. Grocery Shopping

Check out! They give you a list of everything that is on sale at your local grocery store so you can easily price match! Walmart will price match anything. Dealstomeals also gives you recipes and grocery lists for the whole week! (Their recipes are not always clean, however)

peanut butter (natural)
yams/sweet potatoes


3. Bulk Cook & Chop

Have a clean kitchen and a couple of hours of free time for this!

Foods to bulk cook: chicken, lean ground beef and turkey, fish, sweet potatoes, veggies, rice, eggs, pancakes.

I like to steam my veggies at the same time as my brown rice!


4. Assembly

Wash and cut your fruit:

I wash fruit and let it dry on the counter.  I cut up fruit and place some in a glass bowl (so you can see what you have) in the fridge for easy access to snacks and morning fruit.  I place the rest of the prepared fruit in individual portions in zip lock baggies or in washable plastic containers for lunch boxes and also for on the go snacks.

Wash and cut your veggies:

Sometimes we eat them plain and other times I throw them on a salad.  I cut up cucumbers, bell peppers, onions etc.  I put cucumbers and red pepper slices in zip lock baggies or containers with hummus or another dip I make for the week.


Quinoa and brown rice:

I cook these each week so they are ready to eat by themselves, throw in a salad or in a chicken dish.  2-3 different types of lentils and beans each week.  I add to soups, use as a side dish, the base of burrito, etc.


I cook 2-3 different proteins each week (chicken and lean beef or turkey and hard boiled eggs) these are perfect on top of salads, a wrap or by themselves  etc.   This is perfect for grab and go also to put into a plastic container for quick lunches.

Use a variety of seasonings to change the flavor of your meals:
garlic pepper
Flavorgod (my favorite)
Mrs. Dash
Garlic salt
Onion powder
Ranch powder
Italian seasoning
Sweet Mesquite
Taco seasoning
Stubbs barbeque sauce
Bragg’s liquid aminos
Apple cider vinegar

Prepare for the next day!


**Make sure to sign up to have me as your FREE HEALTH & FITNESS COACH. I will help keep you motivated, offer support, and give you access to free tools to keep you on track with your fitness & health goals.**

7 Tips For Obstacle Races


I just ran my first Spartan race! It was the Spartan Super at Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah. 8 1/2 miles and 26 obstacles! Here is what I learned:

1. It’s all about running

This is a running race. Train to run first and foremost if you want to make a good time. Training for obstacles is far less important. Train on the steepest hills you can find.

2. Don’t be afraid of the mud

When you are in the middle of a workout you don’t mind the sweat just like when you are in the middle of a mud race you don’t mind the mud. Just be prepared to have soggy shoes after you jump in a moat of water up to your chest.

3. Go slow and steady on the obstacles to avoid burpees

Yes there will be people in front, to the side, and behind you waiting for you to go. You have to stop and compose yourself before jumping into a difficult obstacle. Take time for your turn when other people won’t be in your way. It is far better to stop and think than to do 30 burpees while your teammates have to wait for you.


4. Bring your favorite workout partner

If there is one person you love to workout with, make sure they are with you for the big race. You will wish they were there the whole time if they’re not.

5. Your fingers will swell up like sausages

The heat and and gravity will puff your fingers up like painful sausages and make the easiest obstacles even more difficult. This was completely unexpected.


6. Wear sunglasses and long socks

You don’t want to be squinting in the sun during the whole race and you don’t want rope burns on your ankles. Enough said.

7. You can have help on most obstacles

Don’t skip an obstacle race just because you don’t think you have enough upper body strength. Most of the obstacles allow you to have someone guide you or lift you a little so you don’t fall. It’s all about working together.


Everyone should do AT LEAST one Spartan in their lifetime!

Now get out there and race! AROO!