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How did I find out about online health and fitness coaching?

I discovered this business in November 2012 from my friend from high school on Facebook who was a Beachbody coach.

Dance was my whole life as I was growing up. I went to ballet and dance classes 5-6 days a week for hours a day. I was on a competitive dance team and loved working hard everyday to perfect my art.
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Fast forward about 10 years after high school…I had been doing TURBOKICK at my local gym for 4 years 2-3 times per week before and during my pregnancy, but I was too embarrassed to go back to the gym for the first couple of months because I was so OUT OF SHAPE right after having my baby.

Eventually, I started going back to the gym but when my  baby was a year old I still didn’t like my body shape and I wanted more STRENGTH. It was SO hard to commit to going to the gym with a baby at home and my husband and I  both doing shift work.

I started doing Insanity and P90x workouts and when I saw my friend post that Turbofire was on sale for Black Friday, I was SO excited!

I took my “before” pictures and went to work! Sometimes I even had to do my workouts at 11 o’clock at night when my baby was FINALLY asleep! But I had a goal and NOTHING was going to stop me!

2 months later, I discovered a local gym with TRX classes. It was so NEW and EXCITING every time I went to class! I fell in love with TRX and became certified to teach in July 2013. I taught TRX and KETTLEBELL classes for about a year and a half and I LOVED it!

I started learning how to use BARBELLS in December 2013  from my husband who had been a Crossfit coach. I loved learning new things and it was amazing how natural the movements felt to me.

December 2014 I signed up to run a SPARTAN race the next summer, so I began running once a week. I gradually increased it to twice a week. I had never ran farther than 2 miles in my life! I wrote out a plan of how many miles per week I would run and I stuck to it! I knew the ONLY difference between me and a good runner was PRACTICE. I had to keep telling myself that every time I ran.

April 2015 I felt like something was missing from my training: PLYOMETTRICS. I did box jumps, burpees, and double unders, but I wanted BIG, ATHLETIC jumps, so I bought Insanity Max:30. Many times, I would rather stay home and workout with my kettlebells and an Insanity video than have to listen to my 3 year old whine about going to the gym.

I started in a challenge group doing Insanity Max:30 and it was WAY harder than I expected and I realized how much I needed that CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE for the upcoming Spartan Race. Shaun T. is my favorite Beachbody instructor because he pushes me to KEEP GOING when I want to stop. I WON’T stop. Not if everyone else in the video is still moving! I can already tell that my stamina and jumping abilities have improved since I have started this program.

How is Beachbody coaching already changing my life?

Being a fitness coach with Beachbody is already changing my life. This company emphasizes personal development, and for the first time in years, I have felt like I can DREAM BIG about my future and my goals. I have friends and friends of friends who have succeeded beyond measure with this company! I KNOW that if they can be successful, I can too!

Reading personal development has increased my confidence and sharpened my FOCUS. As a coach I feel like I have PURPOSE because I am doing something WORTHWHILE with my time instead of sitting around watching TV or being bored and letting life pass me by.

Coaching has taken me OUT of my comfort zone which makes me a better person. I am EXCITED every morning because I know I get to share my passion for health and fitness with others. I am learning LOTS of new things and making LOTS of new friends! I am excited to create my own team of coaches, my own website, and my own brand.

What am I looking forward to?

My VISION is to become certified as a personal trainer and build a home gym in my garage to train clients. I want to work one nursing shift a week so I can spend more TIME with my husband and ultimately, I would like to retire my husband who is a police officer so he doesn’t have to be in a dangerous career.

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WHY did I become a fitness coach through Beachbody?

I have been thinking about it for a couple of years and have seriously researched the company for over a month. One night I saw this quote:

My 3 reasons:

1. I sincerely want to HELP people feel better and IMPROVE their health.

After being a nurse in the ICU for the last 6 years, I have seen the negative effects of poor diet choices and the lack of exercise.

I have a strong desire to help people. To feel like I’m making a DIFFERENCE and that I’m doing something that MATTERS. I know I can reach out and help a lot more people through online Beachbody coaching than I could as a personal trainer.

I LOVE that I can give people the tools to succeed via phone and internet contact while they have the BEST personal trainers in the country in their own home with the Beachbody exercise programs.

2. I want to do something from home so I can be with my FAMILY.

My husband and I both do shift work and rarely see each other. I have a goal to retire my husband as a police officer so we can be TOGETHER as a family more and I don’t have to worry about him being killed or injured in the line of duty.

3. Fitness is my PASSION!

I was in dance and ballet for 18 years, I did Turbokick and Pilates for 5 years, and I have done TRX, kettlebell work and interval training for the last 2 1/2 years. I have been a group fitness instructor for TRX/kettlebell classes at a local gym for 1 1/2 years and I LOVED it!

I want to SHARE my love of exercise with everyone to help others feel that HAPPINESS I feel from exercise and eating healthy food. My goals are to become a certified personal trainer and to build a home gym in my garage to train clients in!

LOVE, FAMILY, and FITNESS! Follow me on my journey! 🙂